For Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

The Hogan Assessment Suite
  • Know the “Bright Side” of your leadership style
  • Know your potential performance challenges and derailers, or the “Dark Side” of your leadership style.  We all have a few of these that we have to manage appropriately.  Learn how to keep yours in check and working for your, rather than against you
  • Know your personal Motives, Preferences and Values in a way that will make you more productive.
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • A great tool that is easy to understand providing insight into how personality preferences play out in the workplace.
  • Helps you understand better how to play to your strengths
  • Helps you increase your appreciation for people with different preferences and styles.
  • This instrument has been around for years.  The recent research that has led to the development of the new reports helps you break down your type even further and provides greater insight into how you communicate, and how manage change and conflict.
The California Psychological Inventory
The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Assessment Instrument
The Attentional and  Interpersonal Style Inventory
360 Assessments

Few assessments are more effective at improving a leader’s Emotional Intelligence, i.e. improving self-awareness, identifying strengths and blind spots, learning how others who are critical to your success perceive you, and setting the stage for learning the tools for self and relationship management.

  • The Benchmark 360
  • The Booth 360
  • Customized 360 Assessments

For Team Development

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Assessment Instrument

For Selection

The Hogan Assessment Suite