You are in Charge

Those early events in my life marked the begining of my personal reformation. I am grateful every day for these things that put me on a new path, even the tough things that led me to this discovery in the first place. It was these events that allowed me to break free from the negative conditioning in my life. I shudder when I consider what might have been had I not had these encounters, had I never stepped out of my comfort zone, had I never discovered God’s grace, had I never launched on these reconditioning exercises. If you are battling the chains from your past that have you trapped in a perception of yourself as inconsequential or as a failure, don’t give in. Whatever the events are that have shaped you to this point; they can be countered and reshaped to a healthier and more objective perspective. Don’t let these negative Strong-Ties become a Strong-Holds for you.

The tendency to view life as hopeless and without solutions is tempting. As frustrating as this negativity is, sometimes it is much easier than the change that will be required to break free. It is often easier just to accept a fatalist point of view. Once we acquire a “no control” perception of the events in our lives, we tend to lable future events as unavoidable, inescapable, and beyond our ability to influence. When we give up and come to the conclusion that we have no control, that we cannot change, it is then that we are doomed to a life of mediocrity. On the other hand, when we begin to see life as something we have control over, a place where we can make choices, even if they are small ones, we are well on our way to success.

Dr. Neil Miller at Yale once conducted an experiment to show the power of negative conditioning. He placed two rats in cages that were wired with electrical current. Rat #1 had a lever to shut off the current for both cages. Rat #2 had no control over what happened to himself or the other rat. It turned out that Rat #1, given the ability to manipulate the lever suffered no adverse effects of the stress. He absorbed the stress in ways that did not compromise either health or longevity. Rat #2, on the other hand, suffered immensely, with negative effects on the reproductive system and a compromised immune system. When electricity jolted the cages massive hormones were released in both rats. However, after Rat #1 learned he could stop the electrical current, his stress level would rise, but quickly return to normal. Not so with Rat #2. The current sent Rat #2’s adrenal hormones sailing upward and they never returned to normal, even when current was turned off. Stress became distress. The rat was overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness, even to the point of becoming physicaly and psychologically distressed.

The good news is that you are not a rat in a cage who has no control of the events of your life, or the manner in which you will respond to those events. You have been created with a free will. Yes, you may have had experiences in your life that have conditioned you to think negatively about yourself and your abilities, but you can change how you will think about the events how you will respond to them. You can become an exceptional leader, and that is not just a mess of positive pop psychology. That is the truth. And you have heard about the truth, haven’t you. I understand it will set you free.

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