The Disciplines of a Corporate Athlete

I continue to be amazed at the performances of the Olympic Athletes.  As a runner, who has run a few marathons and a cyclist who has ridden a few miles, I understand just a little about the effort it takes to prepare for a race. When I watch these athletes give their best effort all the way to the end, I find myself agonizing with them all the way across the finish line.  The years of hard work and focused discipline have finally paid off.   When I see them falter, I can only imagine the heartbreak that one small mistake in their performance must feel like as they experience the agony of defeat.

Much like these athletes, I have found that highly effective leaders tend to approach their entire life with a similar set of disciplines, ones that are most likely to result in their success, both personally and professionally.

When I created my Leadership Coat of Arms a few years ago, I incorporated the fitness symbol as seen above, accompanied by the following statement:  This symbol is my reminder to make sure that I am able, as far as it is within my control, to see my vision through to its end.  To see that vision through requires physical fitness, spiritual fitness, relational fitness, mental fitness, financial fitness and social fitness. The disciplines required for fitness in each of these areas consists of hard work and focused effort that will pay off in a life well lived with the few regrets.

What are you doing to build fitness in all dimensions of life?  As an Executive Coach, I often find myself working with leaders to help them clarify their personal purpose and vision, and with developing the disciplines that it will take to ensure they see their vision become a reality.  This is when I know that I have fulfilled part of my Personal Purpose: Helping People Achieve or Realize their God-given Potential.

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