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New survey may cause you to reconsider your leadership style

The Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor recently released the results form its third leadership survey exploring effective leadership, effective communications and the link between the two.

The survey tracked responses from more than 6,500 individuals from 13 countries around the world, examining perceptions of leaders in business, politics, community, non-profit, and union or organized labor organizations.

Business leaders came out to be the most admired among all leaders, with politicians coming in dead last. No surprise on the politicians! Good news, however for business leaders. Of the seven key traits identified by employees for leadership effectiveness, women were identified as being more effective than men in the first four listed below. Men outpaced women on the fifth one.

  1. Leading by example
  2. Communicating in an open and transparent manner
  3. Admitting mistakes
  4. Bringing out the best in others
  5. Handling controversial issues or crises calmly and confidently

It appears that 75% of people are looking for much more openness and transparency from their leaders than they may have voiced in the past.

The downside of the survey: only 22% of those surveyed see leaders as being effective, 13% believe they take responsibility in a crisis, and only about 15% believe this situation will improve in the coming year. Additionally 61% of consumers have boycotted companies due to their perceptions of poor leadership.

Ketchum’s conclusion: Open Communication + Decisive Action + Personal Presence = Credible Leadership.

Check out the YouTube video here: