Monthly Archives: December 2014

I saw the hand of God this year.

I was invited back to Northwest Arkansas (NWA) in the Summer of 2013 by a group of venture capital guys who wanted to start a consulting group to support businesses in the area.  The work was consistent with my personal mission and vision so I jumped at the opportunity to be closer to our daughter’s family where my wife (and I) could help take care of the grandchildren.

When told I would have to pay my way within a year, I said, “No problem.”  I knew it would take about a year to get my feet on the ground and reestablish my network.  Needless to say, I was surprised after four months into this when this group of Financial Heavy Hitters who were the principals in the VC group decided they had miscalculated and could no longer fund the venture.  Though I knew there were risks with start-ups, this was an outcome I had not considered.

So here we were about this time last year, having just left a very good job in Nashville, TN, facing a future without an income.  While this was not the first time I have been without work, it was still a pretty scary time for us.  Since I didn’t have a severance I began to consider how I could best manage this, calculating how long it will take to run through any savings and assets, what my next steps should be, etc.  As I looked at it, I knew I only had one option.  My wife and I fell on our knees in prayer.  We never stopped working, but we knew this was so much bigger than us.

During this time, my son reminded me of the value of worrying (which I was prone to).  He reminded me of God’s provision for the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness.  He reminded me that God only promised their daily manna, no more, no less.  Fear that it wouldn’t be enough led some of them to hoard it, but the hoarding only led to a smelly mess.  He reminded me that trusting him was all God ever really wanted from them, and that is all he wants from me.  So I leaned in.  I kept applying for jobs while I launched my own company, Resources for Leading.  I received a few phone interviews that were initially encouraging, but never resulted in an offer.  So I kept networking, looking for people and companies where I could bring the value of my experience and expertise.

I have traced the hand of God throughout my life and have witnessed his miraculous provision for my family many times, but I have to say, that I am once again astounded by God’s provision this year.  Within a month of the job loss, we were blessed with a year’s worth of work from few great clients who requested my services as an Executive Coach, a Strategic Planning Coach, a Human Resources and Organizational Development Consultant, Event Speaker, Leadership  & Management Trainer, and even as an Executive Search consultant.  I’d love to tell you about my clients, but confidentiality prevents me from doing so, but I can tell you that they are great leaders who want the very best for their companies and their employees.  I feel blessed to work with them, and am grateful for them every day.

As I wrap up the year I want to first say thanks first to God.  Thanks to my family who have supported me through multiple changes through our lives together.  And thanks to each of you, friends and clients, who have made 2014 a great year.  I am growing more and more confident that when I wake up each morning that God will have provided enough “manna” to meet our needs.  I pray you will experience his same love and provision in 2015.