Becoming a Great Delegator

Like many of you, I have worked for micromanagers as well as the great delegators, and I have to tell you, I like the delegators best.  So do the rest of you adventurous, competent and capable people.

As an HR Executive and Executive Coach I have administered a lot of psychological assessments and provided feedback on these for leaders across a variety of industries.  I have also used these assessments to help hiring managers understand the candidates they are considering for various leadership roles.  I have noticed that Great Delegators have a few things in common:

  1. They understand the delegation process as outlined in the diagrams below. With someone who is new to the task it may require the leader to begin at step one of this process.  But ultimately it comes down to TRUST.  Great Delegators hire competent people, provide clear expectations, trust them to perform up to the standard, and coach them (while preserving dignity) when they miss the mark.
  2. Great delegators are not frozen by insecurity or excessive caution.
  3. They are not afraid of failure. They embrace it as tuition for learning.
  4. They aren’t perfectionist. They are okay with the incremental success.
  5. They realize there are many paths to a desired result and allow delegates to explore the path that works for them.
  6. They are confident in who they are and are not fearful of their delegate getting the credit or outshining them. In fact, they can’t wait to give them credit and build them up.  They see the success of their delegate as testimony to their effectiveness.
  7. They are willing to take the blame when their delegate is criticized or fails. They know they will fail.  They also know others will blame.  And they are okay with both.
  8. Oh, and by the way, highly competent people are line up at their door wanting to work with Great Delegators who will empower them and unleash them to achieve their highest potential.

Steps to DelegationDelegation Model















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