She wanted to change the world!


She dreamed of changing the world. After considerable thought she decided to focus on healthcare. Rather than becoming a physician she chose to pursue a track that would allow her to lead teams of people in hospital operations and administration.

She went to school. She completed her master’s degree with honors. She was smart and confident. She had all the answers. The test scores said so. She was ready to take what she learned and bring it to an organization that could benefit from her expertise.   She hired on in an internship program that was certain to open the door for her to lead her own hospital. She learned pretty quickly that having all the answers was not sufficient.

Many perceived her as overconfident. Others dismissed her as simply arrogant. Her career quickly hit the wall. But, she didn’t give up. She engaged an executive coach who helped her discover pretty quickly that with all the information available at the touch of button, and with all the experience imbedded within the long term employees of the hospital, that having all the answers was not going to help her to become an effective CEO.

Through the coaching process she learned that the right questions are often more important than the right answers. As she began leading with questions, she was able to draw from team members the answers that lay deeply within them. By tapping into the competencies, creativity, and energy through asking right questions, she grew confident in their abilities, released them to perform their jobs, witnessed their increased engagement, and watched their performance soar. She began to get great satisfaction from helping people discover their capabilities and challenging them to achieve more than they dreamed possible.

By the way, she also started to realize her dream as she began to see how she could change her small corner of the world in more ways than she initially envisioned!

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