Gallup Declares that 68% of the Workforce is Still Disengaged!!!

I love the work that Gallup has done on employee engagement.  They define employee engagement as the mutual commitment between the employee and the organization whereby both give each other their very best.

What’s so disturbing to me about this latest proclamation is that after all the investment companies are making in employee engagement, Gallup says that 68% of workers are still disengaged.  I am not sure whether to believe this or to believe someone is simply generating stats to try to sell me more of those “really helpful solutions.”

However, I do know that if disengagement is still so high, then the investment companies are making, and the solutions that have been provided thus far are obviously focused on the wrong things at minimum, or so poorly executed that they are not producing anything resembling the desired results.

I think that this is why I have come to rely heavily on a philosophy that I have developed over the years as a Human Resource Executive, Business Owner, and Executive Coach.  Simply put, “This is Not Rocket Science”.  Everyone wants to play on a winning team.  What your employees want from you is for you to develop the processes that attract, keep and grow winners who can come together to do what they do best every day.  When all is said and done it is simply about executing the fundamentals of human resources, business and leadership better than your competitors.

As a human resources executive I will focus my team on building out the ten fundamental strategies for Getting, Keeping and Growing Talent to help the organization’s Operators (business partners) create a high performance organization.  Those top ten strategies are:

  1. Hire Right
  2. Onboard effectively and consistently
  3. Compensate competitively (total rewards including benefits)
  4. Train Effectively (employees and managers)
  5. Create employee Growth Opportunities (career paths)
  6. Build bench strength in critical positions (our future is dependent on this)
  7. Create accountability/manage performance effectively and consistently
  8. Connect employees to Mission/Purpose
  9. Create a Safe Working Environment (physically and psychologically)
  10. Ensure Compliance with labor and employment law on all occasions.

And while a Human Resources team focuses on executing these with excellence, they must remain fully aware that these strategies are not executed in a vacuum.  That is why an HR staff and the company Operators must be true business partners, working together to ensure that these are executed better than our competitors.  So, the true job of the HR team is twofold.  First, know what excellence is in each of these strategies.  And second, build a partnership with your operators to enable these strategies to be executed with excellence so they have the kind of impact on the business goals that we are all trying to achieve.

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