Executive Coaching


Overcome Obstacles.  Navigate Transitions.  Achieve Excellence.

  • Maximizing Effectiveness:  Every member of your leadership team sets the tone for your organization, and is responsible for achieving results and creating a culture of engagement.  An investment in their development will help them:
    • Develop their strategic role in the organization.
    • Improve performance, identify specific objectives, and and develop the disciplines of accountability for achieving those them.
  • Personalized Professional Development:  Research further indicates that traditional means of development are insufficient to development of effective leaders.  They tend to be a one size fits all, rather than being tailored to the specific issues facing each leader.  Executive coaching is complementary to traditional training and development that is still so important to organizations.  It helps leaders transition from theory to practice.
    • Identifying needs and motivations.
    • Increasing self-awareness and self-management
    • Identifying professional goals
    • Developing strategies for achieving goals
    • Focus and accountability
    • Follow up and measurement for results
  • Personalized Personal Development
    • Executive effectiveness seldom occurs in the absence of personal excellence
    • Identifying personal core values and living consistent with them
    • Identifying personal Purpose and Vision and establishing goals and strategies to achieve them
    • Maintaining the personal disciplines required to prevent derailment and achieve fitness for effectiveness.
  • Preventing or Recovering from Derailment:  Management derailment is all too familiar to organizational leaders.  Research from Development Dimensions International (DDI) indicates that 62% of all managers derail.  The Center for Creative Leadership puts that number at about 50%.  Hogan Assessments Research Division puts is near 58%.  If these numbers are anywhere near accurate, they have staggering implications for leaders and your organizations.  It is these managers that create stress in your organization, drive turnover and negatively impact employee engagement. 
    • Sometimes it’s about helping a leader dig themselves out of a hole they have dug for themselves and changing the behavior which has brought them to the brink of career derailment.  Our approach has demonstrated success saving such leaders.

Target Audience

Key and High Performing Leaders at all Levels benefit from executive coaching.

While it is frequently utilized by CEOs, it is also effective for developing every key leader.  It is not only a remedy for isolation, which is often referred to as “the curse of being at the top”. . .

It is the appropriate complement to traditional training and development.  Research has shown that leaders benefit most when traditional training and learning is complemented with individualized and customized coaching focused on helping them identify and achieve specific/personalized goals they set in collaboration with their superiors and their coach.

Why is Executive Coaching attractive to our clients?

  • The quality and experience of our coaches, all under the oversight of our CEO, who is holds the Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation.
  • Our record of success in helping leaders achieve Growth, Development and Changing Behavior.
  • Our understanding of who the customer is.  Frequently the company foots the bill for these services. While the individual leader may be the designated focus of the coaching, you are our customer, and we believe you are right to expect results that matter to you.
  • We deliver on your expectations.