Leadership Development


  • Customized to specific needs identified in our discussions with you.  Based on a needs assessment we will design and deliver customized leadership training to help you achieve specific and measurable results.

The Fundamentals of Leadership

  • These courses are prepared and ready for delivery at your location.  They include basic skills of leadership designed to ensure that all your leaders are on the same page.  Courses include:
    • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
    • Time and Priority Management
    • Effective Decision Making
    • Getting the Right People on the Team – Interviewing, Hiring and Team Development Skills
    • Creating Accountability:  Effective Performance Management
    • Conflict Management and Problem Solving
    • Leading Change
    • Generational Differences in the Workplace
    • Developing Resilience and Optimizing Stress
    • Building and Leading High Performance Teams
    • Ensuring You are Worth the Pay Differential as a Member of Management

A Solution to the Middle Management Dilemma.

“It is not my executives who need coaching; it’s really my mid managers that need the most help.” SVP of HR for a Fortune 500 Company.

“I’m thinking about talent development consulting for middle managers. If I can crack that nut, I’d make millions!”  Coming from a retiring Talent Development Executive for a Fortune 50 company considering their next career move.  .

“After years in various corporations, I can say that what most are doing in the area of talent development simply isn’t working.  And worse than that, what they do today generally frustrates the middle managers.” A CEO who hired me to lead the talent development department in his organization.

We have a solution for cracking that nut, but only for organizations that are willing to shift their focus just a little.