Strategic Management and Execution Coaching

Our Strategic Management and Execution Coaching is about envisioning a desired future, developing a plan to achieve it, and getting off to the right start where traction and momentum are evident.

It is more than an offsite meeting resulting in a notebook that sits on the shelf until the next planning session.  Our unique approach is designed to prevent the whirlwind of daily operations from distracting from the higher level strategic thinking, planning and execution required to take your organization to the next level.  

Our process is designed to embed strategic thinking, strategic management and strategic execution as core competencies within your organization.  We stay with you in a coaching role through a six to eight week period where you begin to see the plan gain traction.  You see yourself becoming a better leader who manages priorities and delegates more effectively.  You see your executive team work through difficult and challenging issues, developing greater trust through a focus on results.  Most clients tell us they begin to reap the return on their investment before the process is even completed.

Our process

Begins with a comprehensive discovery process where we listen and learn about your company to discover the critical issues that you are facing as you look to the future.

Then we spend some time reviewing the company’s Mission, Purpose, Core Values and Vision to ensure these are foundational to the plan for the future.

That is followed by identifying the highest priority objectives for the current year that are essential to closing the gap between where you are today and where you want to be in five, or that are essential to addressing the critical issues identified in the discovery phase.

We then identify executive owners for each of the objectives, who will be responsible and accountable for developing the strategies and driving the objectives.

This is followed by six to eight weeks of individual and team coaching to complete the plan, begin the process of executing or implementing the strategies that will ensure your vision starts to gain momentum and take shape.


Organizations that work with us begin to adopt this style of planning and execution within the first or second round of coaching.  It becomes part of their organization’s DNA or annual rhythm.  In other words, it becomes “the way we do business around here”, i.e. constantly improving, prioritizing, planning and executing to improve on results and create a better future.