Team Development

Senior Team Alignment

  • Every Senior Leadership Team will benefit from engaging a facilitator or trusted advisor to help them jump-start performance, get the organization moving in an agreed upon direction, get and stay on the same page, manage and maximize conflict, or begin to develop a strategic plan.
  • In addition to various classroom and on location facilitated sessions, Resources for Leading has facilitated a variety of team alignment and development experiences, including
    • The Gettysburg Leadership Experience
    • NASA and the Johnson Space Center Experience
    • Wyoming Western Cattle Drive
    • An Inner City Leadership Challenge
    • A Search and Rescue Challenge
    • Ropes Course and Experiential initiatives that lend themselves to strengthening teams.
  • Let us help you think about what kind of experience may help you achieve the change you are wanting to bring about in your team.

Developing High Performance Teams at all Levels

Operational, functional or project teams will benefit from our team development process where:

    • Team members will identify the keys to team formation, high performance, effective collaboration and achieving results.
    • They will understand the foundation, the focus and the three critical behaviors┬ácommon to high performing teams.
    • They will articulate and come to better understand their team’s purpose.
    • Team members will learn to value the unique strengths, abilities and personalities of each team member and how best to work together to achieve results.
    • They will come to understand their personal conflict style and how to engage in collaborative and crucial conversations that are essential to high performance.
    • They will make personal commitments to one another, to the team and to their manager or team leader that will ensure greater effectiveness going forward.